So What’s This All About, Then?

Plainly put, we have greatly enjoyed the steampunk genre, or better yet, movement, that has arisen. As computer scientists and children of the silver age of science fiction and comics, the steampunk imagery and philosophy speaks to us.

Through our literature reading, attending steampunk conventions, web site visiting, and collecting genre-related graphic novels and art, we decided that we should jump into the creative side of it, rather than just lurking on the consuming side. This web site is our foray into that endeavor.

In 2010, we started a running serialized story about the adventures of Chief Inspector Drake and Dr. “Sparky” McTrowell. Our goal is to add to the story on a weekly basis. To keep it exciting, we co-author the story by alternating between the two of us as to who authors each week’s entry, all the while employing an exciting Penny Dreadful style of writing. Thanks for visiting.

-- David L. Drake & Katherine L. Morse

How to Read the Adventures of Drake and McTrowell

Unlike most fiction on the web, the entirety of the Adventures of Drake and McTrowell is available for your reading pleasure. Every time we post a new entry, we let our readers know by posting a notice on our blog, which resides on our Home page. But if you’re reading this for the first time, you’ll want to start from the beginning of the story. It starts with our first book, “London, Where It All Began.” The initial page is linked to subsequent pages through “Next Page” links.


Writing the Adventures of Drake and McTrowell is the vast majority of the effort we put into the web site, but we also provide other blog entries. These include D&McT related art, preparation and logs of steampunk conventions, and other related items. Stop by a few times a week to see what we’ve been up to.

Since we had to come up with a name for these “extra blog entries,” we have fallen into the habit of calling them bloops. Kinda fun. Kinda silly. “Could you be a dear and write this week’s bloop, please?” See how polite we can be?

The Logbook of Intriguing and Noteworthy Persons

Since we attire ourselves as Drake and McTrowell at steampunk conventions, we noticed that we often have our picture taken and posted on the web, with no mention of our characters names or any other details. That is unfortunate since there is so much more to tell. There is more to a steampunk character than their image. And we reckon that other steampunks feel the same way.

To address this, we have added a
Logbook of Intriguing and Noteworthy Persons, where steampunks can provide images, details, and the like to tell their tale. If interested, see the terms of use page to see for details. And to answer the obvious question, we don’t use your image or details for any gain. That would be, well, unstylish, to say the least.

What’s For Sale?

We have gathered a following, and we have listened to them. It started small, where they wanted pin-on buttons and logo magnets. Then they asked for presentations and skits. It worked up to T-shirts, hard cover books, and radio shows. Please take a gander at what we have to offer. Send us action shots of you with your Drake and McTrowell paraphernalia.