The Logbook of Intriguing and Noteworthy Persons

Chief Inspector Erasmus L. Drake keeps a logbook of persons of whom he feels are worthy of note, which he updates and consults frequently. Click through in the text below for the detailed page for each logbook entry. Do you think that you should be in his logbook? Do you have a steampunk persona and appropriate garb? Click here for details on how to contact the Chief Inspector for inclusion into “The Logbook.”
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Erasmus L. Drake
Chief Inspector at Scotland Yard

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Dr. “Sparky” L. McTrowell
Airship Pilot & Flight Surgeon

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Jonathan Lord Ashleigh
7th Viscount Ashleigh & Oxford College of Law Student

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Sky Marshal Jonathan Baines “Jonny B.” Goode, YJ, FOSSL
1123rd “Fibonacci” Division/Air Corps
Elite Army of Toy Soldiers (TSU)

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Dr. Edmond Pogue
Scientist-for-hire, who assists Scotland Yard

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Sheriff Jack Webster
Sheriff of the American West

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Flies Too Close To The Sun

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Alastar Hyde
Pleasant Gentleman by Day with a Tendency Towards Sadistic Pleasures After Sunset

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Armor and Weapons Manufacturer

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Thelonius Rex & Mellivora Rathbone
Unspeakable Crimes Against the Delicate and Mentally Unwell

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Pepper Stanwyck
Boiler Room Worker, Clumsy and Incompetent, but Kind

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Cyborg of Questionable Allegiance

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Professor Ambrosius

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Oliver Von Bremen & Alva O'Dell
Rampant Gadgetry, Conflagrations, and Random Transmogrifying Magic

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Phineas Sinclair
Airship Smuggler, Confederate Sympathizer, Villainous Rights Supporter, Horse Thief, Train Robber, and Cthulhu Cultist

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Doc Synchronous
Leader of the League of Supremely Evil Revolutionaries (L.O.S.E.R.), Snake Oil Salesman, Charlatan, and Dealer of Weapons

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Master Sgt. Chuck Hardslab
Excessive Coffee Consumption

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Lady of the Stitch
Transgressor with a Bent for Needle and Thread

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Starburner Galactic Courier Service
The Galaxy's Only Bonded Courier Service

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Molly Edison
Inventor, Fairy Hunter, & Tea Duelist 

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Professor M. K. Maravilla
Hunter of Ghosts, Vampires,  and Assorted Eldritch Terrors

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James Stanner
An Engineering Student in 1930's California…And Other Times

Table of Contents First Logbook Page

Logbook Entries (Alphabetized)