Alastar Hyde

Reason in Logbook:
Pleasant gentleman by day with a tendency towards sadistic pleasures after sunset
  • Taking aim at the photographer: “I strongly recommend that you make this an exemplary portrait, for your sake.”
  • Images by Jerry Abuan (2012) taken at Gaslight Gathering 2
Temporal Engineer
Details of Attire:
  • Long coat
  • An assortment of vests and ascots
  • An ever present cane
  • Optional Arabic tunic for dessert travel and band performances
Notes in Logbook:
Alastar has traveled throughout the world and time, experiencing many adventures. He spent a significant amount of time in the Middle East while he was waiting for authorities in London to lose interest in certain incidents of violence and mayhem which may have been associated with his presence. During that time he traveled with a band of wandering musicians and performers, learning the ways of the Bedouin (see photographic image below that provides strong evidence of this).
Favorite Quote:
“Never trust a victim with a grin.”
Enacted By:
Max Metzler
Alastar Hyde
Alastar Hyde in Arabic Tunic
Attire Details:
Alastar Hyde Detail
Seen in the Company Of:
  • Alastar Hyde with “Lady of the Stitch” (Michelle Peoples)
  • Image by Jerry Abuan (2012)
Alastar Hyde and Michelle Peoples
Surrounded by Friends:
  • Alastar Hyde with the band and dancers
  • Image by Jerry Abuan (2012)
Alaster Hyde with Band