Reason in Logbook:
Flying too close to the sun
Details of Attire:
  • Pilot’s flight headgear
  • Dust and moisture resistant goggles with safety side panels
  • White silk pilot's scarf
  • Light brown bomber jacket sporting Transworld Airship Pilots medallion and the famed “Gold Wings” medal for Remarkable Atmospheric Navigation Mastery
  • All leather multi-compartment navigational equipment pouch and Frizzle-Ray Blaster holster
  • Late model Frizzle-Ray Blaster (pre-auto-gravitational-center locater)
  • Dark brown leather wrist storage kit (medium-sized for navigational combo-device)
  • Light brown leather pilot’s satchel with shoulder strap
  • Camel-colored cotton britches
  • Medium brown knee-high fully-laced boots
West Coast of the United States
Favorite Quote:
In response to “Who made you the arbiter of cool?” she calmly replied, “I can't help it, it's my divine mission.”
Enacted By:
Bonnie Porter
Bludyanne and Srt. Hardslab
Bludyanne Detail
Bludyanne Boots
Also Seen With:
- Bludyanne pictured with a well-known explorer of Africa and Madagascar
- Image by
Jerry Abuan (2012)
Bludyanne and Explorer Friend
Caught on Film:
- Bludyanne at Gaslight Gathering 2 teatime with Master Sgt. Chuck Hardslab, Phil and Kaja Foglio, and other steampunks.
- Image by
Jerry Abuan (2012)
Bludyanne at Tea Time