Dr. Edmond Pogue

Reason in Logbook:
Scientist-for-hire, who assists Scotland Yard in technical and scientific enquires
Details of Attire:
  • Brown-grey fedora (often wears a deerstalker when venturing outside of town, but doesn't let traditional fashion stand in his way of wearing it whenever he likes)
  • Octagonal glasses
  • Brown leather vest
  • Chemical-exeriment-grade laboratory overcoat, in signature yellow (a purchased-and-repurposed post-production piece of clothing from the movie Gangs of New York)
  • Collared black shirt
  • Signature silk box tie, of which Dr. Pogue has many, usually patterned in paisley
Shadwell District, London, England
Catch Phrase:
Enacted By:
Ed Pogue
Dr. Edmond Pogue