Lady Amethyst (pictured with a mysterious gentleman admirer at a masquerade ball)

Reason in Logbook:
Details of Attire:
  • Burgundy satin dress with gathered sleeves and lace cuffs
  • Festive gold miniature top-hat with frilly burgundy trim
  • European map measure (a German-made chartometer from the American Map Company of New York) worn as a necklace bauble, which was gifted to Lady Amethyst from a magnanimous aethernaut
London, England
Favorite Drink:
Champagne with a touch of Chambord
Mysterious Gentleman Admirer:
  • Obviously a man of wealth and good taste, based on his posture and attire
  • Has been spotted at a masquerade ball at Kensington Palace
  • Given his secretive disposition, it is believed that he may be a Prince Royal or a Count from the continent, or a Viennese physicist
  • At the ball, he was wearing a charcoal gentleman's frock coat with black velvet trim, a dark grey top hat with brass and leather goggles perched on the brim, and a hand-shaped leather mask dyed burgundy red
  • Who could this man be?
Enacted By:
Lisa and Jeff Vaca
Lady Amethyst