Oliver Von Bremen & Alva O'Dell

Reason in Logbook:
Rampant gadgetry, conflagrations, and random transmogrifying magic
Image by Jeff Vaca while attending Comic Con 2012
Occupation - Oliver Von Bremen:
Professor Oliver von Bremen was born into Lower-Saxonian aristocracy but has always found the marvels of modern science and engineering much more appealing than tea party chitchat at court.

After hiding in his underground laboratory for many months, he recently emerged with his latest invention, a set of subscale Zeppelins, painstakingly crafted using original hulls purveyed from the German Zeppelin factory. Using the latest advancements in aether-communication, these machines can be steered by bold would-be airship captains on the ground - but only one of them may emerge as the winner in these epic battles in the sky!

He demonstrated the potential of his invention at a recent event which, due to the unhappy marriage of one of his crafts with an exhaust fan, has become known as the Balboaburg disaster.
Occupation - Alva O'Dell:
Alva O'Dell recently graduated with honors from the Westphalian School of Curious Gadgetry, dazzling her customers with the most unusual attire and accessories hand-crafted from the finest raw minerals, precious stones, and a dash of luminous animagick where appropriate.
Early Zeppelin period: 1874 - 1910
North Rhine - Westphalia
Details of Attire - Oliver Von Bremen:
  • Weathered leather top hat
  • 4th dimensional viewing goggles
  • Ticking strip cutaway coat
  • Brocade waistcoat
  • Tool belt
  • Retro blaster
Details of Attire - Alva O'Dell
  • Blonde Swan tan topper with bullet casing detail
  • Night cat goggles
  • Arm bracer crossbow
  • Chiffon chemise
  • Cutaway skirt
  • Knee-hi full button leather boots
Oliver and Alva