Phineas Sinclair

Reason in Logbook:
Airship Smuggler, Confederate Sympathizer, Villainous Rights Supporter, Horse Thief, Train Robber, and Cthulhu Cultist
1865 on
Mostly American South
"When it absolutely has to get there...... Eventually"
Critical Note:
Member of L.O.S.E.R., which can be deduced by his presence on this Members page!
Details of Attire:
  • Black coachman's hat bedecked with highly technical goggles
  • Full-length leather trench coat
  • Black-on-black paisley vest
  • Blood-red, full-sleeved gentleman's shirt
  • Gent's fancy black lace shoes with below-the-knee leather boot protectors
  • Robust, straight, unembellished walking stick
Enacted By:
Michael Lanaghan
Phineas Sinclair
Proof of Misdeeds, Illustration Number 1:
Unquestionably lurking and up to no good
Chiarugi Gladstone Bag
Proof of Misdeeds, Illustration Number 2:
Maintaining company with a bad crowd
Phineas Sinclair in Bad Company
Proof of Misdeeds, Illustration Number 3:
Caught red-handed while robbing a train!
Robbing a Train
Proof of Misdeeds, Illustration Number 4:
When approached by a Chief Inspector of Scotland Yard, Phineas Sinclair found it impossible to look innocent