Professor M. K. Maravilla

Reason in Logbook:
Hunter of Ghosts, Vampires,  and Assorted Eldritch Terrors
Interesting Details:
Professor M. K. Maravilla is a naturalist with skills in mechanics and engineering.  Easily distracted, he has shown an interest in hunting ghosts, vampires,  and assorted eldritch terrors, as mentioned above.  He was first encountered in the Chihuahuan Desert of the New Mexico Territory near Las Cruces conducting experiments with a wolf automaton.  The name M. K. Maravilla is strongly suspected to be an alias, though the reason he hides his identity remains a mystery.
Has been known to range throughout California, Arizona, and New Mexico
Details of Attire:
  • Handmade bow tie from New Orleans
  • Sports a cameo bearing the fanged countenance of Snow White
Enacted By:
David Lee Summers
Dr. Edmond Pogue