Sheriff Jack Webster

Reason in Logbook:
Sheriff of the American West
1860’s to 1880’s
Details of Attire:
  • .42 LeMat revolver airgun with attached pressure cylinder and hose (manufactured by Birmingham Small Arms Company, England, 1859, for Dr. LeMat of New Orleans. Crackpot mods by V. Miller of California.)
  • Black slouch hat with protective anti-dust goggles
  • Full-length black duster, dirty, scuffed, and torn
  • Sheriff’s badge, battered
  • Walking vest, weatherstained, with clock-and-key brooch
  • Mostly white button-down shirt
  • Well-worn black trousers
  • Black leather boots
“Yup, that’s one powerful fine-looking mechanical apparataditty you got there, Mister. Now, you wouldn’t be fixin’ to make me blow it all to hell with nine rounds and a barrel of buckshot, would you?”
Enacted By:
Dru Pagliassotti
Sheriff Jack Webster
Bonus Image 1:
Taking a break while attending Gaslight Gathering, the San Diego steampunk convention
Sheriff Jack Webster
Bonus Image 2:
A relaxed stance that shows off the proper way to don the .42 LeMat revolver airgun with the hose worn behind the legs and attached to the pressure cylinder on the opposite hip.
Sheriff Jack Webster