Dr. “Sparky” L. McTrowell

Reason in Logbook:
  • Renowned Adventuress
  • Airship Pilot
  • Flight Surgeon
Details of Attire:
  • Pilot's flightcap with functional goggles
  • Victorian blouse
  • Silk scarf
  • Cordoroy full-length skirt
  • Leather multi-colored overcoat (Pendragon / Mad.Girl)
  • Drake & McTrowell pin
“By the way, those who fear me, among whom I imagine you now number yourself, call me Sparky."
Enacted By:
Katherine L. Morse
Dr. "Sparky" L. McTrowell
Gladstone Bag:
Bought from Chiarugi in Italy
Chiarugi Gladstone Bag
Tan Boots:
Steeple Victorian Boot, made by Oak Tree Farms, bought from Gentleman's Emporium
Dr. "Sparky" L. McTrowell
Olive Boots:
Made by Steve Madden, bought from Nordstrom
Dr. "Sparky" L. McTrowell