Thelonius Rex & Mellivora Rathbone

Reason in Logbook:
Dastardly Deeds, Impersonating the Law, Public Indecency, and Theft
Images by Jerry Abuan (2012) taken at Gaslight Gathering 2
Occupation - Thelonious:
Thelonious Rex is no longer licensed to practice medicine but he still does; he experiments on cadavers and occasionally live subjects when he can get them (perhaps supplied by an equally nefarious confederate such as Mellivora who owns an asylum!) His work is to study the properties of lust and hysteria for the purposes of treatment and manipulation.
Occupation - Mellivora:
Mellivora Rathbone (widowed, née Stanwyck) inherited the asylum that she now operates from her late husband, and has been working with Thelonious Rex to keep it stocked with patients. While she has no medical degree, so is it the case with most asylum staffers; she alone benefits from an intelligent and curious mind in this business. She traffics primarily in hysterical complaints as well as locking up the troublesome relatives of the wealthy in exchange for discretion and treatment. Her favorite patient is a docile 90 year-old woman who suffers from no greater complaint than being severely forgetful, but her family is happy to keep her safely locked away in exchange for essentially financing all of Mrs. Rathbone's horses.
Being a woman, her asylum is not as dark and grim as men-operated facilities, as she has some sympathy and empathy for her female patients. But one could say that she is very strict and has a number of “zero tolerance” policies that keep her facility less of a Bedlam and more of an enforced rest stop for indeterminate lengths of time. She is hardly an altruist, but she is not a sadist. Any patient who dies under her care contributes directly to building the knowledge of the scientific community; generally after death, but sometimes before. Mellivora is a member of the League of Supremely Evil Revolutionaries, though most of her activities tend to focus on her own business.
Mrs. Rathbone has one daughter,
Pepper Stanwyck, who has rejected her mother's villainous ways (and married name) and is Corporeal Ignition Monitor for the Starburner Galactic Courier Service. They do not speak.
American West
Details of Attire - Thelonius Rex:
  • John Bull topper
  • Crushed velvet vest
  • Leather satchel of mysterious accoutrement
  • Goggles, but of course
  • Deputy's badge
Details of Attire - Mellivora Rathbone (nice):
  • Black bowler
  • Again with the goggles
  • Brocade and lace overdress
  • Tool belt
Details of Attire - Mellivora Rathbone (naughty):
  • Black fascinator
  • Toggle latched paisley corset
  • RIding crop!
  • Lace fishnet gloves
  • Black satin skirt
  • Lace up black ankle boots
  • Antique onyx brooch
Enacted By:
Colin Walsh & Karina Montgomery
Nice Rex and Rathbone
Naughty Rex and Rathbone