Comic Con 2015

Sparky here as your intrepid reporter, covering our five days at Comic Con.

It started like this: getting in on professional passes (thanks to publishing our first book in
hardcover) on our 15th wedding anniversary. Yep, we were made for each other.


Pro Passes

We spent preview night shopping and planning, like checking on
League of S.T.E.A.M. appearances.


Full Slate

And hanging with the
rock monster from season 3.


A Rock and a Hard Place

Rocky Olivares, one of the illustrators for "London, Where It All Began" was there and had our book for sale in the small press pavilion.


Rocky Sells "London, Where It All Began"

The ladies from
Blonde Swan and Mad Girl showed us how to make steampunk eye-poppingly colorful.


Steampunk Comes in Colors

Of course we saw lots of friends. This was really clever,
Joyce McCarthy and Christopher Hoage cosplaying Boston Metaphysical.


Cosplaying Boston Metaphysical

We'd been wandering the floor for a couple of days before we finally made it all the way to
Fred Jeska's booth. Rumor has it he was doing a ripping business.


Fred Jeska

Comic Con also had some really sweet, heartwarming discoveries. This woman's husband made her this fabulously detailed steampunk scooter so she can tool around in style.

steam_scooter_1 steam_scooter_2

Steam Scooter

True story: Drake has a weakness for Curious George. Okay, maybe Sparky does too. Suggesting that we're still 5-year olds at heart would not be entirely incorrect. At any rate, we spotted this guy with his toddler cosplaying the curious little monkey and his protector, the man in the yellow hat.


Curious George

But, the really big news was that our panel, "Steampunk as a Global Phenomenon" was accepted! Thanks to Colleen Kelly Burks for making it all happen for us through
ConDor Conventions. Yes, we totally owe you a return appearance as special guests; not that we mind because we had such an amazing time the last time.


Steampunk as a Global Phenomenon


Our Intrepid Panel

In addition to moderating, Sparky covered Russia and Scandinavia. Don't believe her shoulders, she really did know what she was talking about. Who else would relate steampunk style to pre-revolutionary Russian baroque. That bachelor's degree in Russian has to be good for something.


Sparky Scans Scandinavia

Justin Andrew Hoke, our very own steampunk Hawaiian cowboy from DreadWaves, did the honors for the Pacific Rim.


Justin Rocks the Pacific Rim

We were honored to have Trip Hope, producer of League of S.T.E.A.M. to do the heavy lifting on Europe and the UK.


Trip-ping Through the UK

Trip also helped us present a small gift to our favorite penny farthing rider, Jeb Haught, a tea towel from the inimitable Thomas Farthing that we picked up on our last trip across the pond.


Another Penny Farthing for Jeb

Drake got the challenging task of covering South America and Africa, but he brought his usual enthusiasm to bear.


Drake Gets Tells it Like it Is


Drake is into Africa

Did we mention we had the last time slot on the last day? Despite people's flagging energy, we had a full house. Thanks for helping us close out Comic Con in style this year!


Closing Out Comic Con

If you weren't fortunate enough to make it to Comic Con this year, or if your feet just gave out before the end, you can
hear the whole thing on a podcast over at DreadWaves.

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