Oxnard Steampunk Fest 2016

A number of cities in California are building heritage parks where they assemble historically relevant Victorian homes in one location and they're perfect for steampunk gatherings…like the Oxnard Steampunk Fest. We rolled out for the first day of the two-day event and it was non-stop shenanigans.

We went pirate. Luckily there was a
pirate ship for us to sail.

On_the_Deck_1 On_the_Deck_2

On Deck

But we weren't the only pirates in attendance.


Steam Pirates, Ho!

Nor were we the only ones in blue.
Doc Phineas was also rocking the cooler shades.


Doing Blue with Doc Phineas

Friends were everywhere!

Chris+Bethany Chris+cameras Hanging_with_Molly Steam_fairies Wine_Tasting Kyla_in_olive Doc+Baron

Friends Galore!


Um, What's Going on Here? The Usual Tossing of the Cephalopod!

We took a brief recess to grab a bit of lunch and we found this mural.

cefalopodo_1 Angry_octopus Cefalopodo_2

Separated at Birth? This is Drake's Latest Acquisition, an Octopus Hand Puppet!

We met new folks and saw some amazing costumes.

OSF_attendees_1 OSF_attendees_2 QoH@OSF

So, there's this thing that Sparky and
Molly Edison do. They dance…and dance…and dance.

Dancing@OSF_1 Dancing@OSF_2 Dancing@OSF_3 Dancing@OSF_4 Dancing@OSF_5 Dancing@OSF_6 Dancing@OSF_7 Dancing@OSF_8 Dancing@OSF_9 Dancing@OSF_10

Dancing Machines! Ya Know, Machines with Steam and Gears that React to Music!

Who should be there entertaining the crowd but our favorite steampunk circus,
Cirque des Bêtes?

CdB@OSF_1 CdB@OSF_2 CdB@OSF_3 CdB@OSF_5 CdB@OSF_6 CdB@OSF_7 CdB@OSF_8 CdB@OSF_9 CdB@OSF_10 CdB@OSF_11 CdB@OSF_12

They Fly Through the Air With the Greatest of Ease

And we even sold a few books with a little help from our friend, Colleen, at
Wyng'd Lyon.


Commerce in Action

We strongly urge you, our steampunk friends in the southern California area, to put Oxnard Steampunk Fest on next year's calendar!

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