Wild Wild West Steampunk Con 2017

Ah, Springtime, when the wildflowers bloom and we pack the Dr. Sparky-mobile to the rafters for the trek across the desert to Old Tucson Studios for Wild Wild West Steampunk Con! There were old friends and new shenanigans. Once again we shared an authors' table with David Lee Summers. Yes, we're adults and professionals.

Vending_shenanigans Corrected

Vending Shenanigans

We had some new things for sale including
Kepler's Cowboys, an anthology of space western stories about planet discovered by the Kepler Space Telescope. The book is edited by David Lee Summers and Steve Howell, the Kepler project scientist at NASA Ames Research Center. Drake has a straight up science fiction story in the anthology!


Be-Tentacled Sales Assistants

The adorable green and black octopus was custom-made for Sparky's Cthulhu Acolyte costume by David Lee Summers' daughter. And why was Sparky dressed thus? Because the theme of the convention this year was Cthulhu for President.


Cthulhu and His Acolyte

This particular pic is by
Paul Davis who took a lot of amazing pictures at the convention. Everyone was wearing their best green and tentacles. Here's a link to more of Paul's pictures from the event.


With Curatio and Debra


Karina Representing

We had a prime location on the Bitter Creek Stage where the high winds made for extra interesting shenanigans during our Nerf™ gun dueling shootout. Yes, there was some attempts at Kentucky windage, not that it helped amidst the gusts.

Nerf_challenge Nerf_ready Nerf_is_on Runaway_nerf

We Got Your Nerf™ Right Here!

The wind also made holding scripts for our Theatre of the Historically Improbable™ more than a little interesting, but our company persevered. Even Nessie approved, despite the presence of her election rival, Cthulhu, on stage.

ToTHI_hurricane ToTHI_WWWC Nessie Corrected Cthulhu_with_cast Corrected ToTHI_cast Corrected

Theatre of the Historically Improbable™ in a Hurricane

Cirque des Bêtes was there and they were on fire! No, literally, they were on fire. They premiered their new nighttime fire show and it was great. If it was on fire, they could juggle, jump, or balance it.


Cirque des Bêtes on Fire

One of the other new events this year was the Steampunk Vehicle Exhibition where the contributions were both varied and magnificent. This is what steampunk is all about! Check out these crazy conveyances.


Oh, Those Steamy Machines

As Sparky rides off… well, okay, strolls off into the sunset, we say…


See you again next year, amigos!

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