A New Look to Our Web Site

We know that you have finished reading the first four books, and have gone back and re-read them. A few times. We can see the web page hits. And we know you’re asking, “Where’s the next book? You’re supposed to be working on the next book!” Well, you are right. Time for us to get writing again!

As we plan to start adding new story content to our web site, we also thought that now would be a great time to give the old site a new and better look. Just so you remember, it use to look like this:


A few things to point out. There is now a menu at the top of each page to give you quick access to all of the top-level material. There are Quick Links in the left sidebar, too, and we made them very image-rich to allow you to find what you are looking for.

Also the on-line books are laid out in an easier-to-read format. And a good deal of effort went into making the Store and Logbook more fun to go through. We also made it easier for us to maintain the web site, something that you don't have to worry about, but it effects us each time we generate a new post.

Click around and see what you think. Your comments are welcomed.

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