Sure, You Can Buy The Book From Us

If you’re reading this, you already know that we have published a full-color illustrated hardcover of “London, WhereIt All Began,” the first book in our serialized penny-dreadful. It is brought to life through the color illustrations of eight talented illustrators: Martina Cecilia, Tess Fowler, David Izaguirre & Andrea Orenday, Brian Kesinger, Rocky Ormsby-Olivares, Otto Pessanha, and Jeffrey Vaca.

And, yup, our store is open and ready. You could buy “London, Where It All Began” elsewhere, however we will add a dedication! After your purchase, we will send you a friendly email (supplied by PayPal) enquiring as to what you would like for your dedication in the book. Rules of decorum apply, of course. The other reason to buy from our web site is that we will not be charging for the shipping within the forty-eight contiguous United States. If you need the book shipped outside that area, we will use your email to let you know about the additional shipping costs. The link for the “Books” section of our General Store is below.

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