These Are a Few of Our Favorite (Clockwork Alchemy) Things

Clockwork Alchemy has become our favorite convention for a number of reasons. We’d like to take this opportunity to enumerate them.

Organization: this is hands down the best organized convention out there, primarily owing to the skills and attention of
Thena MacArthur and Sharon Cathcart.


Thena in Only One of the Magnificent, Many-Hued Ensembles She Wore

Respect: this is somewhat related to the organization, but the fact that the literary events are all organized by authors means that the literary contributions of the authors are respected. One of the events they organized this year was a book release party where the authors all read from their latest books. And for all of you who were there, “Vive la France!”

Book Release

The Book Release Party

Tea: no beverage symbolizes steampunk like tea. Clockwork Alchemy hosts a tea room that is a delightfully sublime venue for resting ones feet while enjoying a refreshing cup’a tea. And it’s all powered by the almighty tea engine.


The Tea Engine

This attendee seems to have come prepared.


Too Much Tea Woman

Friends: we always make amazing new friends at Clockwork Alchemy. Last year we met the Sikes’. This year they brought along their adorable mini-mes. Dr. Messenger made their costumes.


Belinda and the Twins

They invited us to participate in their Mad Scientists’ Character Creation Panel. We brought our own lab coats.


You Say “Mad” Like It’s a Bad Thing

Drake played the dead-ish monster.


I’m Not Dead Yet

And a marvelous time was had by all the participants.


See, Not So Mad After All

This year we met Andrew Crockett and his wife.


I Can Steampunk That

I swear I’m not making up this next part. I came back early from a long business trip right before Clockwork Alchemy. I was talking to my boss just before leaving for San Jose and I commented that my early return was fortunate because my original schedule would not have allowed me to be completely prepared. He cracked that I might have arrived in San Jose to discover that I’d packed nothing but aloha shirts. And then I met Andrew; true story.

Renown: everyone knows us. We were perusing the offerings of the vendors when one of them waved down Drake. One of the owners had had her picture taken with Drake in his Mall Copper costume during
Gaslight Gathering and was proudly displaying it in their booth.


Mall Copper Squared

Drake & McTrowell’s Hot Potato School of Writing is now sufficiently well known that we have lots of volunteers. This year the
Aether Brigade pitched in...hilarity ensued. Special thanks to most excellent newbie Assistant Jen.


Hot Potato School of Writing a la Aether Brigade

Telegrams: this is the only con that offers this particularly delightful treat. They have a telegraph office. One has only to send them a text message including the name of the recipient and their location. An extremely energetic page boy delivers a printed telegram with much fanfare and volume.


Telegram for the Judge!

They even deliver to the bar where one might relax and enjoy a libation and a bit of sushi with ones steampunk companions.


The Aftermath

Entertainment: I didn’t get any good pictures of the amazing fashion show arranged by Kory Doyle, but the ensembles were smashing. And finally,
Lee Presson and the Nails rocked the rafters of the ballroom with their irrepressible style.


Lee Presson - Not Entirely Nailed to the Stage

We’ve already committed to be there next year! One final note: birthday. Clockwork Alchemy always falls on or near my birthday, so I get to spend my birthday at my favorite steampunk convention with my steamy sweetie and my favorite steampunk friends. What could possibly be better?

Of course, pictures from the Hot Potato School of Writing and the Mad Scientists’ Character Creation Panel are a gift from
Lisa. Check out her website, San Diego Steampunk for steampunk happenings in our home town and the surrounding locale.