Comic Con 2011

About every other year I swear I’m not going back to Comic Con because it’s just too crazy and I get tired of sitting in line for hours. And then I realize that practically everyone else in San Diego is going to the party (at least that’s what it seems like when we’re looking for parking). In the end, there are so many amazing things to see, do, and buy, that I give in. How can you resist a steampunk, TARDIS dress?

Steampunk TARDIS Dress

Is That the Foglios Hiding in the Foliage?

I’m not sure what this is, maybe a back pack time machine, but I need one.

Be a Maker
I Want to Be a Maker When I Grow Up

And, of course, there was the huge
steampunk photo op. We’re way up at the top on the left. If you want to see a really amazing collection of steampunk photos by an actual, professional photographer, check out Jerry Abuan’s portfolio.