Comic Con 2012

Every year I grouse about the crowds and lines, but every year I sign up to go back. That’s right. We’re talking Comic Con. Since we started writing and cosplaying D&McT, it’s become a special kind of fun. Even though I get my photo taken if I happen to be walking around by myself, it happens a lot more when the two of us are walking together. I’m still waiting for the day when a total stranger comes up to us and says, “Hey, aren’t you Drake & McTrowell?” A girl can dream.

It’s Them…in Sepia

In the meantime, we’ll have to settle for our friends knowing our un-secret identities. This one was taken by Gene Forcier, a man that knows his way around a camera.

I know I say this a lot, but I really enjoy the creativity of others. This looks like a more portable solution than an airship.

More Vector

Maybe More Vector for that Amount of Thrust

It’s a pleasure to see good parenting in action, by which I mean raising your kid to be a steampunk. Why couldn’t I have parents this hip?

Family Affair

And Dad is Ready with His Blaster for Any Would-Be Suitors

The one event I really look forward to is the
Starburner Awards. All the steampunks get together on the giant staircase at the back of the convention center, and there’s an enormous photo op. Needless to say, everyone saves their best costumes for this event. Because it’s Comic Con, there are inevitably a few troupes that go all in to steampunk their favorite comic ensembles, like the next two pictures. Amazing!

Batman Steampunk Troupe

Gotham Steampunk

X-Men Steampunk Troupe

Steampunk X-Men

Diver Bob Mogg
Hey, Isn’t That Bob Mogg Again?

And, yes, we signed up for next year. Gotta. Just gotta.