Comic Con 2017

With Comic Con a lot more spread out and so many paths blocked, we didn’t make it to quite as many panels and events this year. But, there was still some great stuff!

We’re always happy to see that
Tess Fowler is up to something new, and her new project for IDW, “Black Crown,” looks to be darkly fabulous.


Black Crown

We made it to Cosplay 101 where
Bob Mogg was showing off his steampunk Batman costume and providing all manner of useful advice for cosplayers novice and expert.


Cosplay 101

Sparky even spotted a Delores Umbridge in the crowd, although we confess to being more enamored with
Kelly Varner’s version.


Delores Umbridge

We’ve been reading Arcana’s “Howard Lovecraft” series recently, so we really enjoyed the panel on the movie.

Howard_Lovecraft_1 Howard_Lovecraft_2

Howard Lovecraft

Of course, there were sightings of amazing costumes including this Groot that was at least 7’ tall.


I Am Groot

Kelly and Murray crushed this 1950s Star Trek mashup.


1950 Star Trek Mashup

This kid was having the best Comic Con of all! Her dad would hoist her up in the air every couple of minutes, sending her into squeals of delight. Sparky wants to know if she can get someone to do this for her.


Wonder Baby

Check out the Samurai droid mashup!


Samurai Droids

And what Comic Con would be complete without the
Starburner Galactic Courier Service steampunk meetup and awards? Kudos to the Starburners for the ensemble cosplay with the Victorian baseball costumes.

SGCS_awards_SDCC2017_2 SGCS_awards_SDCC2017_1 SGCS_awards_SDCC2017_3 SGCS_awards_SDCC2017_5 SGCS_awards_SDCC2017_4

Play Ball!

But the highlight of the meetup was when Jeb Haught surprised his long-time girlfriend, Barbara Lekes, with a marriage proposal.

J+B1 J+B2 J+B3 J+B4

She Said, “Yes”

Sparky spent quite a bit of time lending a hand in the
Gaslight Gathering booth. The highlight was a chance to be in KPBS’s live stream of the fan tables on the mezzanine.


ooth Hand Sparky

We were quite literally heading for the door to leave on Sunday when we spotted
Nichelle Nichols! Not to be those children of the 60s, but squee!



We did find a few minutes of quiet to enjoy a romantic meal at our favorite downtown dining spot,
Café Chloe. How can a girl resist a boy who orders her sparkling rosé?


Bubbly Drake

And, yes, we’ve submitted our professional registration materials for next year. Fingers crossed.

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