Comic Con Art 2012

It’s hard to thoroughly categorize all the awesomeness that is Comic Con, but one of our personal favorites is the opportunity to meet new artists and commission D&McT illustrations. We’ll do a full blown Comic Con bloop later (soon, really), but today I just want to share our two newest commissions.

The first is from
Tess Fowler. This is now our “reference” portrait because it’s the most accurate representation of us to date…except she still made me cuter than I am and gave Drake skinny legs. I just love the compassion of artists!


Cutie Pie McTrowell and Bird Legs Drake

The second is by
Brian Kesinger. He was in the League of S.T.E.A.M booth drawing portraits in real time in the style of his Tea Girls. He seems to have made Drake more rakish than he actually is. I wouldn’t have thought that was possible.


Tea, Yum

Notice the tea stain on the paper? Goes well with the theme of “Tea Girls.” Cool, huh?

More art for the Steampunk Gallery at home. Also cool.