Drake & McTrowell’s Fourth Anniversary

I honestly don’t know where the last year has gone! Okay, so I cheated and scanned “Latest News” tagged items from our web site and now I kinda know:

It seems like we all deserved a party for all this hard work. So we had one. We went back to our “traditional” location,
Eclipse Chocolate in South Park. This is our third year celebrating with Eclipse and our second at their new South Park location.

In addition to announcements (more about that in a later post),


Drake MC’s the Evening

...there was tasty food.


Yes, Jeff, We See You Demolishing That Cupcake

And there were libations, apparently in conjunction with some kind of sleight of hand by Jonathan Lord Ashleigh.


Sleight of Hand and Libations

I performed a spirited reading from Drake’s episode, “
Baby Squirt.”


Wait, This is the Really Exciting Bit!

But, we all know what it’s really all about, getting together with good friends to celebrate our steamy good fortune.


The Chief Inspector and Miss Sarah Slate

I hope we have as much to celebrate next year on our fifth anniversary. Five years, seriously?