D&McT Artwork: Brandon Dayton

While attending the Alternative Press Expo (APE) back in October of 2010, which is held in beautiful San Francisco, CA, Katherine had the honor of commissioning a Drake & McTrowell sketch from Brandon Dayton (a wonderful artist, check out his art blog and 6 tips to get better at drawing).

Katherine had some reference pictures, but actually ended up describing the characters more than anything. Brandon did a great job with the image, which we are proudly displaying in our Steampunk gallery.

D&McT Art Brandon Dayton 2010

The interesting part of the story is that Katherine fell in love with the idea of having the four button gloves that Brandon illustrated. Then she found a pair of red ones!

Four Button Gloves

They go well with her McTrowell outfit (which has become “outfits,” as in more-than-one). So here is another case of life imitating art.