D&McT Artwork: Mike Maihack

While Katherine and I were at the Baltimore Comic Con this year (August 20, 2011), we skirted around the crowded vendors hawking box after box of monthly comics, and headed straight for the artists’ alley. We had the chance to chat with a few of our ink & paint heros. Katherine spent some time with artist Mike Maihack, who is known for his beautiful watercolor work. Katherine commissioned a Drake & McTrowell illustration from him, and this is what he created. Check it out!


Incredible, huh?!? We keep catching ourselves staring at it and just saying, “Wow!” over and over.

Mike posted it online yesterday (September 30, 2011) at
DeviantART.com. He also mentioned our cyberserial and included a link to DrakeAndMcTrowell.com. Well, Mike’s art draws quite a crowd, and with the click-through of the visitors from those two sites, we quadrupled the number of visitors to our site!

Oops. I just caught myself staring at it again. Wow! Just love the motion and how spot-on he got the shape and color of our outfits. Not to mention the steampunk background. Just amazing.