Duel at Dusk 2015

Back by popular demand: Duel at Dusk! We all had so much fun last year, that we decided to do it again. Duel at Dusk 2015, held July 18, drew a grand and enthusiastic crowd of steampunks to watch the final four of an honest-to-goodness fencing competition battle it out for the most steampunk fencing trophies ever presented anywhere (although we may be biased).

Our deepest gratitude to
Team Touché Fencing for once again hosting the event. There were vendors galore.

DMcT_Duel_At_Dusk_2015_0031 DMcT_Duel_At_Dusk_2015_0038 DMcT_Duel_At_Dusk_2015_0243 DMcT_Duel_At_Dusk_2015_0229

Vendors, Vendors and More Vendors

The fencing was exciting and a bit unorthodox at times.

DMcT_Duel_At_Dusk_2015_0109 DMcT_Duel_At_Dusk_2015_0112
DMcT_Duel_At_Dusk_2015_0189 DMcT_Duel_At_Dusk_2015_0190 DMcT_Duel_At_Dusk_2015_0200
DMcT_Duel_At_Dusk_2015_0196 DMcT_Duel_At_Dusk_2015_0197


Thanks to Bob Mogg and the Starburner Galactic Courier Service for bringing the cool parlor backdrops against which so many attendees had fun taking pictures.

DMcT_Duel_At_Dusk_2015_0106 DMcT_Duel_At_Dusk_2015_0118DMcT_Duel_At_Dusk_2015_0119 DMcT_Duel_At_Dusk_2015_0127
DMcT_Duel_At_Dusk_2015_0230 DMcT_Duel_At_Dusk_2015_0233 DMcT_Duel_At_Dusk_2015_0283 DMcT_Duel_At_Dusk_2015_0237 DMcT_Duel_At_Dusk_2015_0134DMcT_Duel_At_Dusk_2015_0147 DMcT_Duel_At_Dusk_2015_0143 DMcT_Duel_At_Dusk_2015_0139

Parlor Pics

Dude Vader was there mixing it up with Drake, our master of ceremonies, among others.

DMcT_Duel_At_Dusk_2015_0048 DMcT_Duel_At_Dusk_2015_0058 DMcT_Duel_At_Dusk_2015_0053 DMcT_Duel_At_Dusk_2015_0078 DMcT_Duel_At_Dusk_2015_0084 DMcT_Duel_At_Dusk_2015_0088 DMcT_Duel_At_Dusk_2015_0091

Crossing Swords…and Thumbs

Bethany Jackson made us custom cupcakes that were amazing to behold and taste. The competition for them was pretty fierce in its own right.

DMcT_Duel_At_Dusk_2015_0159 DMcT_Duel_At_Dusk_2015_0228

Cupcakes, Om Nom Nom!

We personally had the great honor of being cosplayed by not one, but two, of the best costuming couples in San Diego.

DMcT_Duel_At_Dusk_2015_0125 DMcT_Duel_At_Dusk_2015_0259

So Many Drakes and McTrowells

And if you weren't able to make it out, you can hear the interviews and recap from our friends at Dreadwaves here.

DMcT_Duel_At_Dusk_2015_0198 DMcT_Duel_At_Dusk_2015_0272

Dreadfully Delightful

Our fencers battled mightily…

DMcT_Duel_At_Dusk_2015_0179 DMcT_Duel_At_Dusk_2015_0212 DMcT_Duel_At_Dusk_2015_0223

The Fierce Competitors

…all for one of these trophies.


Taking Home the Prize

See you again next year!

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