First Anniversary

When our buddy, John (who is the inspiration for the various, doomed incarnations of John Redshirt), “bet” us that we would only write about half a dozen episodes of D&McT before giving up, the gauntlet was thrown! We missed a couple of weeks that first year. Okay, we’ve missed a couple of episodes this year too, but who’s counting? But when we got to July 5th, 2011, we had 50 posts and miscellaneous other material on our website, and that sounded like as good a reason for a party as any. Several characters from our first year were there.

Drake, Obviously

Jonathan Lord Ashleigh, Eschewing His Usual Port for a Glass of Bubbly

Miss Sarah Slate, Hiding Mysteriously in the Shadows

Of course, all proper parties must have cake! Ours came from Truly Scrumptious Cakes.

Mad Fondant Skills

And McTrowell was there, pouring libations and helping with the cake.

Drake and McTrowell Cake
It’s Them! No, Wait, It’s Us!