Because our trip to London coincided with my birthday, Drake planned an excellent adventure. We took the British Pullman from London Victoria Station to Folkestone. This train is the UK branch of the Orient Express and it’s appropriately posh.

Spoiled Sparky

Fine China and Mimosas

Folkestone is just south of Dover, which figured into our episode “
Play to Win.” We had quite a bit of time to stroll along the cliffs. As we were walking along in silence, a couple passed us going the other direction. We overheard one of them say, “Now there’s a proper English gentleman,” referring to Drake dressed as Erasmus, complete with leather cape coat, bowler, and cane.

Drake on Pullman

A Proper English Gentleman

Because the passengers joining the return train from the continent were delayed, the Orient Express arranged for us to have tea at
The Grand Hotel. It was built over a hundred years ago when Folkestone was a fashionable seaside retreat.

The Grand

The Grand

We walked our tootsies off here too. Even our shoes begged for relief.


It’s Their Shoes

Yes, we enjoyed our tea in the nearby park, barefoot, scrunching our toes in the cool grass. Then we returned to the train for our ride back to London, complete with scones, clotted cream, and a nap.