Gaslight Gathering 2011

As we’re busily making preparations for the second Gaslight Gathering, we thought we would take a moment to reflect on last year’s Gathering, a wildly successful event right here in our own backyard, figuratively speaking. We don’t call San Diego “America’s Finest City” for nothing!

With two and a half days of events, we got to try out a few costumes (although I confess to devolving to my limited-edition D&McT t-shirt for the end of the last day out of sheer exhaustion from wearing multiple layers). Like this one where I’m wearing my John Bull topper and the cool, purple leaf vest my mom made me, but no leather duster. (It gets really hot!) Drake proves that he has more fortitude than I by wearing his.

McTrowell loves Drake
Oooo, McTrowell loves Drake

We also bought spiffy masks for the masquerade ball. You can hardly recognize us in these clever disguises.

D+McT in Masks
At the Masquerade Ball

We made some new friends, like
Sheriff Jack Webster.

Jack Webster at Gaslight Gathering 2011
Sheriff Jack Webster

And we saw some really creative costumes.

Clockwork Ballerina

Steam Rollers
Steam Rollers

Squee! Can’t wait. See all of you San Diego bound steampunks soon at this year’s (May 11-13, 2012).