Gaslight Gathering 2012

Part of the fun of Gaslight Gathering is that it’s in our own backyard, so we get to hang with all our local steampunk friends! The League of Supremely Evil Revolutionaries was there.



Because it was Mother’s Day, they did a really hysterical schtick about sabotaging the holiday with some impressively subversive audience participation.

Of course, we were there with Jonathan Lord Ashleigh and some mysterious Turk, probably a sky pirate.

Mysterious Turk

Who’s That Turk?

We look forward to seeing Bob Mogg because he’s always sporting some clever new contraption of his own invention. It was his extendible wings that were the inspiration for the ones used by Sergeant J.B. Fox in the
Bavarian Airship Regatta.


The Endlessly Inventing Mr. Mogg

We’re making our plans now for 2013 when the theme will be The Seven Seas. Ahoy!