Gaslight Gathering 2013

It seems like we barely get our “steampunk” attire clean and pressed before we need it again. The weekend after Wild West Fest, we were back in our D&McT duds for the local convention, Gaslight Gathering III. We stopped for a quick photo op under one of the many rose arbors that dot the grounds of the Town & Country Hotel.


Drake Under Roses

And then we dove in! The theme was “Traveling the Seven Seas.” In accordance with Gaslight Gathering “tradition” (if it happens three times, does it qualify as a tradition?), the Starburner Galactic Courier Service produced an amazing, themed, installation.

Not an Engine Room

Not an Airship or Steamship Engine Room

No, it’s not the engine room of a ship. It was called “Islands in the Steam.” The concept is that the Steam-Powered Marvelous Miniaturizing Shrink Ray pictured above is used to extract and shrink plots of land, including the incredible one below made by our friend, Jeff aka The Mysterious Gentleman Admirer.

Turtles All the Way Down

Turtles All the Way Down!

And this tree house-themed one made by Kim Hutsell.


Honey, I Shrunk the Swiss Family Robinson

This attendee really embraced the theme.

Pirate or Pirate Ship

Pirate or Pirate Ship?

One of the most exciting events for us was the premiere of our Drake & McTrowell’s Hot Potato School of Writing. It was absolute bedlam…perfect! Thanks again to our guest writers, volunteer writers, and audience participants who made the event successful and fun.

Hot Potato Premiere

The Premiere of D&McT’s Hot Potato School of Writing

A quick break in the courtyard before we dashing off to another panel.

In the Courtyard

In the Courtyard

Of course, we had to stop by Tobias Eastman’s Photo Booth for a close up or two. While we were distracted with primping, one of our nemesis’ got the jump on us and handcuffed us together.



Silly villain. If you’d been paying attention, you’d know that Drake is left handed, and you’ve just put us in fighting position.

FIghting Form

Fighting Position

You have to go to the Time Travelers’ Ball. You just have to. All the most interesting characters are there.

Fangs for the Memories

Fangs for the Memories,

On the Staircase

Making a Dramatic Exit

Thanks to Jeb and Jerry for the additional pics. See you next year!