Gaslight Gathering 2014

This year Gaslight Gathering was mostly about new costumes for us. Lisa Vaca organized the Gentlemen of Steampunk Fashion Show.


All the Young(ish) Dudes (and the Amazing Lady Amethyst)

Drake rocked the hottest steampunk Internet meme with his Mall Copper uniform.


You’re Dressed Too Fancy (With a Nod to Poplock Holmes)

One of the subtle highlights of the costume was a custom carousel pin Sparky commissioned from
Rae-Wolf Designs.


Carousel Pin

Egged on by
William Swanson’s idea for an amazing sceptre, ...


The Making of the Sceptre

...Sparky went outside her normal costuming zone of comfort and assembled a steampunk Queen of Hearts costume that she debuted at the ball.


Off With Their Heads, Well Not Her Head, but the Rest of You

SSparky went to a lot of vendors to pull together this costume:

We mixed it up on the dance floor in our new duds.


Dancing Machine(s)

And then there was
Professor Elemental leading the conga line because, well, that’s a thing. With a pint in his hand, no less.


Conga + Cerveza

But it wasn’t all costuming. There was the reproduction
Electriquette that Kim Keeline arranged to have available. This was even more fun than it looks like here!



To our great delight, Madame Askew was there with her crew to officiate yet another epic round of tea dueling. It started off particularly well for Sparky with the success of
r. Sparky's Gluten Free Tea Dueling Biscuits">Dr. Sparky’s Gluten Free Tea Dueling Biscuits. But then there was the grudge match during the finals between Adam Green and Bear. The whole affair was so overwrought that Chief Inspector Drake (undercover as a Western marshal) had to be called in to break it up and force them to settle the matter like gentlemen on the field of tea.


Settle This Like Gentlemen on the Field of Tea

And we did the Martian Edition of the Drake & McTrowell’s Hot Potato School of Writing. Hopefully you didn’t miss us just because the description in the program wasn’t quite correct.


Marvin the Martian in His Martian Underoos (They Match!)

Kelly Varner and Karina Montgomery certainly livened up the the “Hot Potato” proceedings with their witty improvisation.


Our Guest Authors

We certainly hope that all our steamy friends had just as much fun!