HRM Steampunk Symposium 2013

One of the dangers of my catching up on past bloops before the end of 2012 is that I don’t feel the tremendous weight of the previous backlog. Oooo, I could just go on for pages and pages about our first event of 2013, Her Royal Majesty’s Steampunk Symposium aboard the amazing Queen Mary. I’ll try to restrain myself, but I make no promises. There were pirates.

Blue pirate

A Pirate in Blue, Not to Be Confused with Bluebeard (Who Was Also There)

And more pirates. The fellow on the left designed and made both costumes…without patterns. Way to make us all feel inadequate!

Andrew and Dirk

Andrew and Dirk

Even Drake channeled his inner pirate.

Inner pirate

Pirates Need Loving, Too

Dino Staats and his assistant, Rynie, were there mesmerizing us, literally.

Rynie and Dino

Watch Where You Point That Hypno-Blaster-Majiggy

Otto the Automaton Duck (and his handler) were there to amaze us with slight of beak tricks.


Watch Your Card and Your Fingers

Lady Amethyst and Her Mysterious Gentleman Admirer commandeered the Eisenhower Suite where they had such an epic soiree that the LA Weekly featured it in their coverage of the Symposium. Okay, maybe they actually paid for the suite. It was such a delightful event that it’s now a “thing.” Or at least we’re trying to convince them it is so they’ll do it again next year. Mark my words, this will the invitation everyone’s dying to get next year. (How am I doing at selling this?)

Eisenhower suite spread

Best Food on the Ship All Weekend

Of course, no SoCal steampunk event would be complete without Steam Powered Giraffe!

SPG fan girl


Drake and I gave our first panel at a steampunk event, Team Writing, during which we educated the attendees about the joys and perils of the “Hot Potato School of Writing.”

Flying Potato

Ooch, Ouch, Ooch, Ouch!

McTrowell educates

Dr. McTrowell Pontificates

Drake Lurks

While Chief Inspector Investigates…From the Shadows

It was great fun and the attendees swore they found it constructive. Special thanks to our quasi-official biographer,
Lady Amethyst, without whom we would have no record of this momentous occasion.

Despite our best attempts to infiltrate the
LOSERS at the Time Traveler’s Ball, Thelonious spied me.

Sparky and LOSERS

Sparky (on the floor!) and the LOSERS

One last piece of advice: do not trust this woman.


Mellivora in Charge

Special thanks to Karina (aka Mellivora) for the pics from the Time Traveler’s Ball.