HRM Steampunk Symposium 2015

If it’s January, we must be starting the con season with a partying good time on the beautiful Queen Mary. And what’s a party without a circus…

Cirque1 Cirque2 Cirque3
Cirque Des Betes

…and some magicians? These two happen to be our favorites:
Aiden Sinclair and Dyno Staats. Is someone eavesdropping?

Aiden and Dyno Exchange a Deep Dark Magician Secret

Surely there must be music and dancing.

Yeah, We Know - Swing is Only Steampunk if it’s Lee Presson and the Nails

Or maybe
Poplock Holmes serving up some chap hop with a couple of really talented young fans dancing off?

Poplock_Holmes_warmup Dance_off
Monster Hunting Dance Off

Of course, it wouldn’t be HRM Steampunk Symposium without an epic party or two (or three) hosted by San Diego Steampunk in the Eisenhower Suite including Jeff’s birthday party with Thee Bluebeard serving as cake messenger.

Jeffs_birthday1 Jeffs_birthday2 Eisenhower_Party
Now That’s a Birthday Party!

If you’re in the market for some improvisational hilarity,
Madame Askew is your go-to gal for serving as tea dueling ‘tiffin mistress. Are we right or are we right?

You Don’t Even Have to Know What She’s Saying to Know it’s Funny

Okay, maybe there was a serious moment or two. Aiden graced us with a private, Jack the Ripper-themed séance at midnight. It was brilliant and more than a little creepy.

Murder_at_Midnight Closeup 2 Murder_at_Midnight Closeup 1
A Murder at Midnight

And remember, Green Woman loves Cthulhu because it’s that kind of con.

Green_Woman_loves_Cthulhu Mask Up
Green Woman Loves Cthulhu & Preparing to go to the Masquerade Party

And lastly, it's good to be the queen, especially if it's the Queen of Hearts.

The Queen of Hearts
Yours Truly as the Queen of Hearts

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