Lady Amethyst and Her Gentleman Admirer

Last weekend, Drake and McTrowell made their way up to Long Beach, CA, and attended the Steampunk Symposium, which was held on the RMS Queen Mary. It was one of the most ambitious steampunk conventions they have taken part in. It lasting four days and was filled with presentations, movie shows, musical acts, magicians, dancers, fencing instruction, a blue-bearded pirate, a fabulous vendor room, and a raptor (birds) show. Sparky’s favorite band was there, Steam Powered Giraffe, and they rocked the house, as usual.

At the masquerade ball, the adventurous pair met up with
Lady Amethyst and her mysterious gentleman admirer. They had a grand time, discussing past exploits and madcap heroic deeds. Lady Amethyst was kind enough to allow her image to be captured for inclusion into the Chief Inspector’s The Logbook of Intriguing and Noteworthy Persons. Luck would have it that the mysterious gentleman’s likeness was also recorded!

Lady Amethyst
Lady Amethyst and Her Gentleman Admirer

Sparky was thrilled to meet the noted crypto-zoologist. “I’ve read all of her published works!,” Sparky declared, “how wonderful it was to meet her!” View the new Logbook entry to acquire the particulars that Erasmus gathered about this couple.

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