L'aventure Parisienne de Drake et McTrowell

Set the way back machine to almost two years ago. Drake and I had been to London recently, so I took the opportunity to assemble a Google map of locations that appeared in our first book, “London, Where It All Began.”

Well, we had the good fortune to be in Paris over New Year’s, so I’ve assembled a new one, “
L'aventure Parisienne de Drake et McTrowell.” On their way to and from the Bavarian Airship Regatta, Drake & McTrowell had time for some unplanned adventures in Paris. This map highlights locations of these unplanned adventures and illustrates them with pictures we took along the way.

Now here is the trick to enjoying the map. Click on one of the links, and …wait… until the picture shows up. Google takes its time to download all of the images in the map pushpin descriptions. It loads all the images at once, so that’s the only waiting you’ll have to do.

L'aventure Parisienne screen shot
Click on the map image to get the Google Map

Bon aventure!