New Logbook Entries!

Chief Inspector Erasmus Drake’s Logbook of Intriguing and Noteworthy Persons is gaining more suspects. We are now on our thirteeth page, and a more unsavory lot of untrustworthy miscreants would be hard to find.

Let’s ponder Gertrude (illustrated below), a cyborg of questionable allegiance. She’s an aethership concierge by occupation, and Erasmus has proof that her sideline is as a procurer of all things rare and precious. More details can be obtained on
her logbook entry.

Gertrude thumb

Our other entry is
Professor Ambrosius, an evil boy-genius aspiring to join the L.O.S.E.R.s. He is currently under the tutelage of Doc Synchronous, who is a charlatan and purveyor of remedies and medicines (of questionable efficacy). I ask you gentlefolk, what is this world coming to?! As with the rest of the mischief-making lot, the Chief Inspector has more details regarding the lad in his logbook entry.

Professor_Ambrosius thumb
Professor Ambrosius

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