Phineas Sinclair Joins the Logbook Crowd

Drake and McTrowell have known Phineas Sinclair for quite a while; frequenting the same steampunk conventions, Comic Con, concerts, museum shows, and the like. His latest activities with the L.O.S.E.R.S. has landed him in the Logbook of Intriguing and Noteworthy Persons.

Phineas Sinclair is
known for being an airship smuggler, Confederate sympathizer, villainous rights supporter, horse thief, train robber, and Cthulhu cultist. That’s quite a Victorian rap sheet! And, for the first time, Chief Inspector Erasmus Drake has illustrative evidence of a crime in progress. One of Scotland Yard’s men doesn’t take this lightly. Check out all of Phineas’ details, with a photo showing a train robbery in progress, in his Logbook entry.

Phineas Sinclair In Big Chair
Phineas Sinclair

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