SPG Cavalcadium Safari Day

Last summer when they had their ever-single-day-in-the-blazing-hot-sun gig at the San Diego Zoo, Steam Powered Giraffe held their Cavalcadium Safari Day for their fans: picnic, crazed photo scavenger hunt through the zoo, watch the band perform a few sets. Let me be completely upfront about our performance. It would not have been possible without our third teammate, Natalie Brodie.


Knowledgeable Natalie

Hard as it is to believe, she knows more SPG lyrics than I do. And she knows lots more about the zoo than either of us. The format of the scavenger hunt was to find items/locations or create various scenes, and capture the results on a camera phone. This included getting a complete stranger to dance with one of us.

Dancing Machine

Dancing Machine, Dancing Machine

Get a zoo employee to hug you.

Good Sport

What a Good Sport!

Pose in front of one of the two, conflated animals in “Rex Marksley.” All you SPG fans know what we’re talking about.


Yodel in Harmony
(Okay, that was clever, so look here for the clue.)

Yeah, I know; I’m not in costume. Did I mention the running through the zoo in the blazing hot sun? At least I’m representing in my SPG t-shirt. But, it was all worth it because we won!

The Prize

First Prize

And lots of friends were there.

Lisa and Ina

Lisa & Ina (and a Truly Dismayed Zoo Employee)