Steamcon III

I was looking at the dates for Steamcon IV, planning flights, and then it hit me: I hadn’t pushed out a blog entry on our trip to Steamcom III yet! We did tell you faithful readers about our preparations for it (here & here), though. Well here it is ...

The theme for
Steamcon III was “20,000 Leagues Under the Sea” and I was incredibly impressed by how many of the attendees enthusiastically embraced the theme in their costumes.


Is That You, Captain Nemo?


Scintillating Cnidaria!

This next reveler swore to me that this was the first costume she’d ever made. I feel so inferior!


Fantastic Fins

This last pair didn’t necessarily embrace the theme, but I love the way they turned their color theme on its head. The usual approach is to steampunk the Nerf gun, inevitably making it shades of brown and bronze. These clever ladies made their steampunk costumes to match their DayGlo Nerf guns, and totally rocked the attitude to go with their ensembles.


DayGlo Steampunk

We hope to see you all at
Steamcon IV.