Steamcon III Swag!

Fridge MagnetButton with Pin

We have a treat for those of you who will be at Steamcon III in Bellevue, WA, this week. If (when) you see us, approach us and identify us by name ("Hey, aren't you Drake & McTrowell?"), and we'll give you a nifty piece of swag: a D&McT pin or refrigerator magnet, your choice (while supplies last, and there aren't a lot, so don't be shy!). Not sure what we look like? Visit our Logbook page.

*While supplies last, and there aren't a lot, so don't be shy.

See you there!

Oh, yeah, one more thing. If you got to this site because you saw our ad in the Steamcon III newspaper, welcome! We have an on-going cyberserial story that we have been contributing to (pretty much) every week since July 2010. You can read the story from the beginning starting at this link. We have also been posting Drake & McTrowell related artwork. Just this week, we have also added a section of our web site for steampunks to submit a picture and description of your character. Details for submitting are located here.


-- Drake & McTrowell