Steampunk Picnic

On the list of San Diego coolness is the Poway Midland Railroad in Old Poway Park. It’s like honey for steampunk bees. So on a warm, sunny weekend day, we put on our finery and headed east for a choo choo train ride! Who’s still five years old, huh?

Rogues Gallery

Picnicking is Hard Work!

Bob Mogg showed off his extendible wings, Mark II. His original version was the inspiration for Sergeant J.B. Fox’s wings in Ishild.

Fabulous Flying Man

Fabulous Flying Bob Mogg

I don’t know about everyone else, but I had a great time!

Smiling Sparky

Smiling Sparky

Our friend, Simon Taylor, was in town from the UK for a conference. Ever the good sport, he dressed up a bit and tagged along. Bonus: he lent his voice to our
radio show on Krypton Radio as Reginald Wallace.

Wallace and Drake

“Wallace” and “Erasmus”

There were penny farthings!

Penny Farthings

Penny Farthings

Oh yeah, there was an actual picnic.


A Day in the Park…With Tasty Comestibles

Thanks to Karina for some great pics, including a good one of me. That is no mean feat!