Steampunk Saturday

There was a perfect storm of steampunk-ness in San Diego last Saturday (not to be confused with the Saturday before). First, there was the Friends of Villa Montezuma Victorian Valentine Tea at the Westgate Hotel. All the most fashionable steampunks were there including Lady Amethyst and Her Mysterious Gentleman Admirer, although they were in disguise as proper Victorians.

FOVM tea 1

Lady Amethyst and Her Mysterious Gentleman Admirer (sans Mask)

We were there…not in disguise as proper VIctorians. The photo only gives you an inkling of how lovely and elegant this hotel is. The lobby was set up for a very fancy luncheon celebrating the birthday of some incredibly fortunate individual named Ruby. I have a birthday coming up in a couple of months, hint, hint.

FOVM tea 2

The Assemblage in Their Finery

We had to be at the Maritime Museum at 11:00 for a photo shoot for Gaslight Gathering, so we hopped in a cab with Lady Amethyst and Her Mysterious Gentleman Admirer (we really need to get his name).

fast getaway

Making a Fast Getaway

The Maritime Museum was generous enough to let us in for the photo shoot and we tramped all over the Ferry Berkeley. There were a dozen of us, all under the able direction of San Diego’s premiere steampunk photographer, Jerry Abuan, who is too cool for school, judging by this pic.

Steam Ferry Berkeley

That’s Not a Wrench. This is a Wrench!

I had grandiose plans about doing some editing on the next radio show, but I was all out of steam. So, we headed home (after a champagne-frosted lunch) and took a nap. Quick costume change and back downtown to the Gaslamp Quarter for the Gaslight Gathering Pub Crawl organized by Max Metzler (aka Alastar Hyde).

Vin de Syrah

Less Reputable Than the Morning’s Tea Party

We had a great time surprising the doormen at the establishments we visited. They all thought we looked great and let us right in! Who’d have thought that dressing as a steampunk would get you on the A list? We handed out a big pile of
Gaslight Gathering promotional cards. Then home to recover.

Thanks to Lisa Vaca (aka Lady Amethyst) for the first four photos!