The Clockwork Oracle

The Oracles at Delphi have long predicted the future for those willing to make the journey and pay homage. This truth is told in Hellenic texts. But what is not told is that the Oracle is far more than a priestess caught in the visions of the gods.

The Clockwork Oracle was crafted by gods and lost by mortals millennia past. Join us in an adventure through the lost and found of ancient history, through the streets of Victorian London, the halls of Versailles, the battlefields of the War to End All Wars, the futuristic city of Nova Arete, the digital corridors of the Internet, and the exoplanets of Orion.

Front cover

Do You Dare?

David L. Drake, Katherine L. Morse, AJ Sikes, BJ Sikes, and Dover Whitecliff have looked into the Clockwork Oracle. Will you?

The Clockwork Oracle will be available for sale and autograph by the authors at Clockwork Alchemy. Copies are also available on Amazon.

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