Wild West Fest 2013

It was hot…hot like a western, silver mining ghost town. Oh wait, it WAS a Western, silver mining ghost town. Calico to be precise. We popped up early on a Saturday morning to head out toward Barstow for the inaugural Wild West Fest at the Calico Ghost Town.

Wild West Fest Sign

First Annual? Wild West Fest

It’s a lovely little place…

Scenic Calico

Scenic Calico

that actually used to be a silver mining town…

Silver Mining

The Real Deal

complete with the obligatory steam train.

Calico Train

Calico Train

Drake was there, attempting to keep the peace in this lawless Western burg.

Drake in Calico

There’s a New Lawman in Town

It’s a good thing, because this mysterious traveler looks suspicious.

Mysterious Traveler

Mysterious Traveler

And the
League of S.T.E.A.M. was there, up to their usual no good tricks.

LoS Tea Party

LoS Tea Party

It was cool…cool like jazz, not like a popsicle. Which I probably would have stuffed under my black cowboy hat to keep myself cool.

Sparky Takes Calico

Sparky Del Pecos Del Calico

I felt like I was exploring Sparky’s western roots. I imagine that Elizabeth Llewellyn’s assaying office in San Francisco looked a bit like this.

Llewellyn's Assaying

Llewellyn’s Assaying Office

We actually went for ice cream twice! Wait, is that an air conditioner?

Air Conditioner

Air Conditioner?

Sadly no, but there was a rocket launcher…I think.

Rocket Launcher

Rocket Launcher?

Of course, I have to close with a
Steam Powered Giraffe moment. When they performed Automatonic Electronic Harmonics, there was actually a sunset for the Spine to gaze into nostalgically.


Sunset…for Real!

By the time we got to our hotel in Barstow, it seemed like an oasis. I seriously considered taking a shower with my clothes on. Pretty please could the steampunks have an earlier spot on the schedule next year? It was an amazing place where there was so much more to see and do.