Wild Wild West Con 2014

What’s hot and cool, dry and steamy? Wild Wild West Con!


The Judge Steaming Up the Desert with the Turleys

It’s where we first learned about tea dueling from the
Tucson Steampunk Society. Here’s a posse heading off to a duel. Note the serious determination on their visages.


Tea Dueling Posse

If you didn’t have the great privilege of witnessing the finals, I’ll clue you in. The Judge beat the Prussian in the most dramatic, theatrical duel we have ever had the thrill of witnessing! And here’s the winner explaining to his chagrined opponent that it’s all in the wrist.


Winning Tea Strategy

Is it safe to assume that you’re familiar with the dangerous, top-hat wearing, carousel riders meme? Well, there’s a carousel at
Old Tucson Studios. Sadly, it’s currently non-functional, so we were unable to ride. But the gracious staff at the theme park allowed the San Diego Steampunks to have a meet-up in front of it. Extra bonus, Poplock Holmes showed up and performed his new number, “Carousel,” just for us!


Dangerous Top Hat Wearing Riff-Raff

Of course, Poplock also did a couple of regular performances for all the attendees.


Monster Hunters!

The crew of
Airship Isabella was there. Keep an eye out for some of their illustrations in our forthcoming print book, “London, Where It All Began.”


Momma Warned You

Because we’re steampunks, we can steam up anything. Bowler + gear + mustache + Dalek = …


…Steam Dalek

One of our favorite panels was given by
David Lee Summers. His fans know that he’s an astronomer in his day job. He gave a really fun panel on the history of the Martian “canals” that was also incredibly informative. Now that’s my idea of a great panel.


Martian Canals

The park has a rule that we have to vacate the park before evening events, and then they let us back in right before the event. Since Old Tucson is on the far side of the Tucson Mountains from Tucson, dinner options are limited. Here’s the Texas solution; annex a portion of the parking lot for a barbecue. Does Miss Jocelynne look like she’s up to some kind of shenanigans?


Parking Lot of Texas

In closing, I just have to ask, why do two people need so much stuff for a weekend? Seriously, somebody call Mary Poppins and order me a carpet bag or ten!


Traveling Light, Not!

If you’ve never been to Wild Wild West Con, you should really make the effort to make it next year. It’s an amazing, immersive experience. We’ll be there.