Wild Wild West Con 2015

Who's up for a little wild west steampunk fun?

Old Tucson Studios

We headed back to Old Tucson Studios outside Tucson for one of our favorite conventions, Wild Wild West Con. It featured some old favorites…like tea dueling!

But this was a new one on us. The dry desert air dried out the biscuits so much that they wouldn't crumble. So Madame Askew issued a challenge: sing and dance to “I'm a Little Teapot.” Hilarious!

I'm a Little Teapot

Why yes, Madame Askew, The Judge would like to tea duel and take home the grand prize…again.

Judge_Dueling Judge_with_Prize
The Judge Dominates Tea Dueling

We're always on the lookout for clever new costumes and accessories like this parasol.

Release the Kraken

And this adorable steam bee.

Steam Bee

Wait, is that a toilet float on that Rocketeer's jet pack? Clever makers!

Rocketeer_1 Rocketeer_2
Steampunk Rocketeer

It wasn't all “people watching” for us; we had two appearances every day. We premiered a new skit from Drake & McTrowell's Theater of the Historically Improbable, “The Case of the Competing Cryptozoologists.” We were graced by the participation of Wild Wild West Con's co-owner, Diana Given, in character as Lady Jane, the Butterfly Huntress.

Lady Jane, The Butterfly Huntress

We shared a table in the vendor barn with David Lee Summers where we were vending our book, “London, Where It All Began.”

Maybe We Shouldn't Quit Our Day Jobs Just Yet

Our vendor table even hosted a Gamera vs Godzilla rematch.

Gamera - Godzilla Rematch

More people are recording us these days. Our friend, Heather Bollman, shot this video of the audience participation part of our reading from our second book, “The Bavarian Airship Regatta,” … with sock puppets!

Interactive Sock Puppets!

And then Darren Wagner shot this video of Sparky dancing while
#poplockholmes serenaded her during his busking tour.

Pass the Tea, Please

Previously, Sparky lived in Tucson for a decade. One of her favorite restaurants was
El Charro. It was founded in 1922 and it's still there. A whole crowd of us from Wild Wild West Con went one night and chowed down on some authentic Sonoran-style Mexican food.

El Charro

Wild Wild West Con is always one of our favorites cons. We can't wait to see what they have in store for next year!

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