Wild Wild West Steampunk Con 2018

Maybe it’s the desert sun, but it seems like Wild Wild West Steampunk Convention brings out the wildly (pun intended) creative costuming in the attendees.

Cecily_Cicero Deadpool_Chimichangas Dr_Crusher

Glitter_Bug Glitter_Bustle Mom_n_Daughter_Alice Sea_Monsters Splendiferous_Green_and_Yellow Steampot_Racer Tea_Valkyrie_1 Tea_Valkyrie Team_Dragon Tinker_Toy_Hat Hedgehog

Wildly West Costuming

Bethany debuted her new “cigarette girl” costume and lent a hand with vending. She did a booming (ar ar ar) business peddling our prop dynamite.

Sunshine_Vending_1 Sunshine_Vending_2

Sunshine Vending

Bethany’s also launching her prop building business. She made this “criminally good” cake with both kinds of files in it for


Cake with File…Two Ways

We know what you’re wondering. Weren't you guys there “working?” You know, doing panels and vending (with
David Lee Summers). Oh yeah, that. Of course there was Drake & McTrowell’s Hot Potato School of Writing™. We were aided and abetted by Diesel Jester and Bob Vardeman. We played the Dr. Seuss / Shakespeare plot point which resulted in epic hilarity.

HPSoW_WWWC_2018_1 HPSoW_WWWC_2018_2

Et Tu Thing 2, or I do Not Like Hamlet

And a little bit of Drake & McTrowell’s Theatre of the Historically Improbable™. Thanks to Zapp for this picture.


Our Reading of “The Polychrome Wishing Jar”


These Books Will Blow Your Mind

Is it just us, or is this Tyrannosaurus Rex security guard extra scary?



But maybe not as scary as one of the product demos we saw.



But hands down the scariest thing we saw was this tea duel with a simultaneous splash and splodge.


Oh, the Horror!

Chief Inspector Drake says, “Adios, pardners. See y’all next year.”


Adios, Pardners

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