Yet Another Logbook Entry: Dr. Edmond Pogue

When Katherine and I write the Adventures of Drake & McTrowell, we do what most writers do, we make stuff up. Every now and then, someone offers up a new character idea that’s too good to pass up. That was the case with the character Dr. Edmond Pogue, who was suggested to us by our good friend, fellow fencer, and steampunk enthusiast, Ed Pogue. Yeah, I know, we didn’t change the name very much to protect the innocent, but let’s be honest, there just weren’t any innocents around to protect.

Ed had a number of costumes for “Edmond,” but decided on this one for “
The Logbook of Intriguing and Noteworthy Persons.” He also wore an overcoat, repurposed as a fancy lab coat, that was previously one of the costume pieces in the movie “Gangs of New York.” I guess its one of those odd little benefits of living in San Diego and being relatively close to Hollywood is that sometimes you find these things on sale.

As faithful readers know, Dr. Pogue is a critical part of the D&McT story line right now. Now, you no longer need to picture him in your head. Click on his link below and read all about him.

Dr Pogue v2
Dr. Edmond Pogue

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