Sheriff Jack Webster Added to the Logbook

One of the first people who volunteered to have their steampunk character be included in “The Logbook of Intriguing and Noteworthy Persons” was Dru Pagliassotti, the well-known author of An Agreement with Hell and Clockwork Heart (RT Book Reviews’ 2008 Winner: Best Small Press Contemporary Futuristic Novel, Named one of the 5 steampunk novels to read in Summer ’09). I met up with Dru while attending Gaslight Gathering, the San Diego steampunk convention, and was able to snap a photo of her character Sheriff Jack Webster. Since then, we’ve had a few email exchanges where Dru passed along a couple of more pictures for Jack’s web page. If you love great fiction, please consider picking up copies of Dru’s works. In the meantime, click on the link below and read about Sheriff Jack Webster!

Jack Webster 3.1
Sheriff Jack Webster

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Yet Another Logbook Entry: Dr. Edmond Pogue

When Katherine and I write the Adventures of Drake & McTrowell, we do what most writers do, we make stuff up. Every now and then, someone offers up a new character idea that’s too good to pass up. That was the case with the character Dr. Edmond Pogue, who was suggested to us by our good friend, fellow fencer, and steampunk enthusiast, Ed Pogue. Yeah, I know, we didn’t change the name very much to protect the innocent, but let’s be honest, there just weren’t any innocents around to protect.

Ed had a number of costumes for “Edmond,” but decided on this one for “
The Logbook of Intriguing and Noteworthy Persons.” He also wore an overcoat, repurposed as a fancy lab coat, that was previously one of the costume pieces in the movie “Gangs of New York.” I guess its one of those odd little benefits of living in San Diego and being relatively close to Hollywood is that sometimes you find these things on sale.

As faithful readers know, Dr. Pogue is a critical part of the D&McT story line right now. Now, you no longer need to picture him in your head. Click on his link below and read all about him.

Dr Pogue v2
Dr. Edmond Pogue

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A New Entry to the Logbook: "Jonny B." Goode

We, Drake & McTrowell, attended the “Steampunk: History Beyond Imagination” exhibit at the Muzeo in Anaheim, CA, a few weeks ago. It was a great exhibit, showing a number of steampunk sculptures and artifacts. In fact, an entire room was exclusively Phil Foglio’s original hand drawings from Girl Genius! Great fun.

While there, we were spotted by Sky Marshal Jonathan Baines “Jonny B.” Goode. After an email exchange, Jonathan noticed that we offered to post steampunk characters’ pictures and details in “
The Logbook of Intriguing and Noteworthy Persons.” He jumped at the chance. Take a gander at his entry.

Jonny B Goode
“Jonny B.” Goode

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Steamcon III Swag!

Fridge MagnetButton with Pin

We have a treat for those of you who will be at Steamcon III in Bellevue, WA, this week. If (when) you see us, approach us and identify us by name ("Hey, aren't you Drake & McTrowell?"), and we'll give you a nifty piece of swag: a D&McT pin or refrigerator magnet, your choice (while supplies last, and there aren't a lot, so don't be shy!). Not sure what we look like? Visit our Logbook page.

See you there!

Oh, yeah, one more thing. If you got to this site because you saw our ad in the Steamcon III newspaper, welcome! We have an on-going cyberserial story that we have been contributing to (pretty much) every week since July 2010. You can read the story from the beginning starting at this link. We have also been posting Drake & McTrowell related artwork. Just this week, we have also added a section of our web site for steampunks to submit a picture and description of your character. Details for submitting are located here.


-- Drake & McTrowell

D&McT Artwork: Jake Rieman

Another artist that we visited at the Baltimore Comic Con this year (August 20, 2011) was Jake Rieman. Katherine loved his line work and use of color, so she commissioned a Drake & McTrowell piece. He took a very different approach, setting the pair of adventurers in a very steampunk 1850’s London.

D&McT Art Jake Rieman 2011

We love the motion, and the way he captured the retro-futuristic aesthetic of steampunk in the transportation. Chief Inspector Erasmus Drake looks particularly natty with his red vest and tie. Looking at how good I look in gloves, I might have to get a pair for myself.

It is Finally Here! The Logbook of Intriguing and Noteworthy Persons!

Don't you just hate it when someone takes a picture of your steampunk character, and just tosses it up on the web without mention of the character's name, background, and description of all of the cool detailing you painstakingly added to your attire? It's about time you got credit for all that hard work. That's where “The Logbook of Intriguing and Noteworthy Persons” comes in.

Katherine and I have added a new section to the Drake & McTrowell website
specifically for steampunks to submit pictures and details of their characters. I have added three of them so far:

Erasmus 1 Thumb 3
Erasmus L. Drake

McTrowell 1 Thumb 2
Dr. “Sparky” L. McTrowell

Ashleigh v1 Thumb
Mr. Jonathan Lord Ashleigh

For each character, there is a “thumbnail” picture in
The Logbook of Intriguing and Noteworthy Persons, and an individual web page (see the links in the pictures above).

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D&McT Artwork: Mike Maihack

While Katherine and I were at the Baltimore Comic Con this year (August 20, 2011), we skirted around the crowded vendors hawking box after box of monthly comics, and headed straight for the artists’ alley. We had the chance to chat with a few of our ink & paint heros. Katherine spent some time with artist Mike Maihack, who is known for his beautiful watercolor work. Katherine commissioned a Drake & McTrowell illustration from him, and this is what he created. Check it out!


Incredible, huh?!? We keep catching ourselves staring at it and just saying, “Wow!” over and over.

Mike posted it online yesterday (September 30, 2011) at both
his blog and at He also mentioned our cyberserial and included a link to Well, Mike’s art draws quite a crowd, and with the click-through of the visitors from those two sites, we quadrupled the number of visitors to our site!

Oops. I just caught myself staring at it again. Wow! Just love the motion and how spot-on he got the shape and color of our outfits. Not to mention the steampunk background. Just amazing.

D&McT Artwork: Brandon Dayton

While attending the Alternative Press Expo (APE) back in October of 2010, which is held in beautiful San Francisco, CA, Katherine had the honor of commissioning a Drake & McTrowell sketch from Brandon Dayton (a wonderful artist, check out his art blog and 6 tips to get better at drawing).

She had some reference pictures, but actually ended up describing the characters more than anything. Brandon did a great job with the image, which we are proudly displaying in our Steampunk gallery.

D&McT Art Brandon Dayton 2010

The interesting part of the story is that Katherine fell in love with the idea of having the four button gloves that Brandon illustrated. Then she found a pair of red ones!

Four Button Gloves

They go well with her McTrowell outfit (which has become “outfits,” as in more-than-one). So here is another case of life imitating art.

Getting the Word Out at SteamCon III

We (Katherine and Dave) have been paying attention to the feedback that we’re getting from our loyal readers, and one of our consistent requests is that we add more to the Adventures of Drake & McTrowell website than just the running cyberserial story. So we’ll be adding some non-story Drake & McTrowell information. We also plan to have more pictures, illustrations, and the like; you know, visually interesting stuff.

So here we go with the first installment, just for you, dear reader.

Katherine and I will attending
SteamCon III in Seattle, Washington, from October 14th through 16th. We will be there in full Drake & McTrowell regalia. We attended last year, and had a great time. One of the things that we enjoyed about it was that they had a daily newspaper for the convention that not only contained the events of the day, but also advertisements for the various steampunk vendors, authors, and web sites.

We decided this year to put in a 6x4 inch “ad” for our web site. The organizers just sent us an approval for our ad, so we wanted to share it with everyone.

SteamCon III Ad DrakeAndMcTrowell Final

We hope that it grabs the attention of a gagillion SteamCon attendees.

For those of you that attended last year’s SteamCon II, it was there that Dr. Sparky McTrowell and her crew won the Airship Regatta (as
reported in the Seattle Times article)! The regatta was hosted by Girl Genius’s own Cheyenne Wright, the web comic’s colorist. Real fans of our cyberserial will jump with joy when they find out that the famous Seattle Times’ photo of Sparky piloting the balloon craft is on sale.

See you at the Con!!